The Cryan' Shames

The Cryan' Shames performing at the Pop House in Beloit, Wisconsin.
L-R: Dave Purple, Gerry Stone, Tom Doody, Dennis Conroy, Jim Pilster, Jim Fairs

Early promo photos (Note: misspelled "Chames").

1966 Lineup:
Jim Pilster (J. C. Hooke)
- percussion/vocals
Jim Fairs
- lead guitar/flute/vocals
Tom Doody (Toad) - vocals
Dennis Conroy - drums/vocals
Gerry Stone (Stonehenge) -  rhythm guitar/vocals
Dave Purple (Grape) - bass guitar/keyboards/vocals


WCFL "Sound 10 Survey"
August 24, 1967
Proof positive that the Doors were knocked out of first position by the Cryan' Shames.

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Joe Accardi, 2006